Monday, June 6, 2011

The Skinny on Men's Skinny Jeans

IT MAY BE ONE OF THE BIGGEST TRENDS IN MALE FASHION THESE DAYS,  but sometimes you have to stop and think if a pair skinny jeans really suits you.

Whatever floats your boat, right?
It isn't hard to notice how stylish these bottoms are. From the range of available colors to the various ways you can mix and match them with your other clothes, the possibilities are endless with these multi-colored trousers. Of course, this is because of what we see on billboards, online ads, and other media; we can't help but feel the need to have a pair.

Just like every other piece of clothing, these types of jeans are designed to suit specific body types. I mean, they're called skinny jeans, for pete's sake. Take note though, I didn't necessarily mean you have to be stick thin to carry these off; It actually boils down to what your legs look like. 

Your legs define the types of jeans that would look good on you. So, for skinny jeans, you have to HAVE skinny legs as well. If you don't have skinny legs and you persist on wearing these tight bottoms, you could end up looking like you just stuffed your jeans with loads of padding, reminiscent to those sumo-suit wrestlers. As such, we un-skinny legged men need to go back to the basics and settle for other styles of denim. Honestly though, regular jeans are some of the easiest things to rock whenever and wherever, right? 
Better. (phew!)
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against skinny jeans. In fact, I applaud any man who can pull them off without risk of muffin-top exposure. 

So, if you're planning on getting yourself a pair, do yourself a favor and make sure you can carry them off. 

Stay awesome, 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Using VideoJug for Your Male Skin Care Needs, Done!

PROBABLY ONE OF THE MOST VISITED SITES IN MY BROWSER, VideoJug has become a staple go-to for me when I need tips on topics ranging from proper male skin care techniques to grooming basics.

I'm sure you guys will appreciate this useful resource as much as I do since you will find everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, you will need in it.

Being a guy with very oily skin, I was able to solve my greasy problem after seeing a video in the site. Aptly named "How to Deal with Oily Skin", I was enlightened to the different processes that I have taken for granted all these years.

From the kind of cleanser I use to actually needing to buy toner, it was apparent that I wasn't really doing everything I could to assure myself of oil-free days. After seeing the tutorial, my usual habits of leaning my head on my fist or randomly touching my face disappeared. I guess knowing about these things has made a difference in how I go about each day.

I suggest you guys check the site out and find even the most embarrassing things concerning male skin care explained and solved. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why Organic Skin Care Products will Save Your Skin and the World

Save the World with Organic Skin Care
COMPARED TO THE PAST, more organic skin care products have been surfacing in the market. From moisturizers and shampoos, to facial cleansers and aftershave, most brands either dish out new items or reformulate their most popular products.

I'm sure you’ve noticed how being eco-friendly is now one of the most important marketing strategies that companies utilize. In fact, this has been brought about by the increased awareness that we, the public, have gained due to the numerous documentaries and movies that tackle the plight of our planet.

By making a choice and going for organic skin care products, we are not only assuring ourselves of all-natural, chemical-free baths, washes, and moisturizers, we are also doing our part in preserving the environment. What's the point of looking good if there's no planet to show it off in, right?

Think about it. Since we will be using organic products, companies can decrease their production of chemical-filled items that have been proven to be bad for the environment. At the same time, you can be sure of the best results when it comes to personal care since you aren't exposing your skin to harmful chemicals that may cause side-effects and other dermatological maladies.

By doing this, you can get your skin glowing like it's supposed to, while also doing your part for the environment by using organic skin care products. Make sure of this by checking the ingredient section in your chosen brand's packaging, and see if you already are going green while getting clean.

You can read more on the skin care benefits of these all-natural products by clicking here

Tackling the Modern Male Lifestyle

WELCOME TO MY SITE! I believe introductions are appropriate for this first post, so here goes.

Hi, I'm Lucas St. James of Manhattan, NY. I'm a freelance writer, part-time blogger, and self-proclaimed product reviewer. I have taken it upon myself to develop this little project in order to test my knowledge in all things concerning the modern male lifestyle. From the various sites I follow to the things I learn about through other media, it is my aim to relay all the information I get to you, my readers. By doing this, I am able to create a hub of essential information with facts, tutorials, and reviews that will help any man gain confidence through looking good.

In addition, this is also my way of learning more about this topic as comments, suggestions, and other types of reactions are more than welcome in this blog. I mean it! If you have anything in mind, feel free to let me know. For now, I would like to properly define what this site is all about.

The Site

Created specifically for men, All Cleaned Up is a blog dedicated to getting its readers aware of the various trends that surround the world of male fashion, personal care, and other aesthetic concerns. From clearing up hygiene myths to learning more about proper ways of dealing with personal care issues, you will find that this blog won't be just another ordinary lifestyle site. With more and more men becoming conscious about the way they look, I thought it ideal to have an online go-to blog for inquiries on topics related to this phenomenon.

Simple and clean, I aim to make this blog as straightforward as possible. Preventing the need for frilly designs that can only distract, All Cleaned Up is designed to be as clean as the products and the lifestyle it promotes. You can be sure to find the info you need without encountering any unnecessary online elements that other resources may have.


Since this site is based on facts and opinions, you are free to comment, suggest, and interact with one another to add to the available knowledge in the blog. This way, everyone has the opportunity tell the world about their findings as well.

Expect tons of information in the posts to come. I'm sure you will find that I'll be talking about things you can use in everyday life. If ever there is something you wish for me to research on, message me and I'll get on it. Let me save you the hassle of hunting down the information by doing it for you. That way I'm sure that I will be able to help you get the best solutions to your aesthetic inquiries.