Monday, June 6, 2011

The Skinny on Men's Skinny Jeans

IT MAY BE ONE OF THE BIGGEST TRENDS IN MALE FASHION THESE DAYS,  but sometimes you have to stop and think if a pair skinny jeans really suits you.

Whatever floats your boat, right?
It isn't hard to notice how stylish these bottoms are. From the range of available colors to the various ways you can mix and match them with your other clothes, the possibilities are endless with these multi-colored trousers. Of course, this is because of what we see on billboards, online ads, and other media; we can't help but feel the need to have a pair.

Just like every other piece of clothing, these types of jeans are designed to suit specific body types. I mean, they're called skinny jeans, for pete's sake. Take note though, I didn't necessarily mean you have to be stick thin to carry these off; It actually boils down to what your legs look like. 

Your legs define the types of jeans that would look good on you. So, for skinny jeans, you have to HAVE skinny legs as well. If you don't have skinny legs and you persist on wearing these tight bottoms, you could end up looking like you just stuffed your jeans with loads of padding, reminiscent to those sumo-suit wrestlers. As such, we un-skinny legged men need to go back to the basics and settle for other styles of denim. Honestly though, regular jeans are some of the easiest things to rock whenever and wherever, right? 
Better. (phew!)
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against skinny jeans. In fact, I applaud any man who can pull them off without risk of muffin-top exposure. 

So, if you're planning on getting yourself a pair, do yourself a favor and make sure you can carry them off. 

Stay awesome, 

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